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Working with a sponsor changed my thinking.

"I came to Pathway January 10, 2021 after a 60-day inpatient program. I had been addicted to heroin for over a decade. I wanted to stay clean and sober, but I had never been successful before, so I didn't believe it could happen for me. I didn't know much about the 12 steps so I asked Larry to help me get a sponsor. Working with a sponsor changed my thinking. Today, I believe I can stay sober as long as I continue to help other people. I'm extra grateful for Danny and Andrew. Anytime I went to them with problems, they helped come up with solutions and reassured me it would be okay, so I could continue to grow. I now have a year clean and sober and live at PW3, the semi-independent housing program. I have a job and I stay connected by helping others through service work and driving the van, provided by, Zac43Foundation, to take the guys to 12 Step meetings."


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