Learning that your loved one is using drugs is very scary.  You will have many questions and concerns throughout the journey. It is important for you to know that you are not alone.  Addiction is an overwhelming, scary, confusing, disease, but there is hope! With help and treatment, recovery is possible.

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight and can’t be expected to be cured overnight. It is important to reach out for help for yourself or a loved one as soon as possible. Over time addiction puts one’s health, safety, finances, and realthships at risk. Here are a few warning signs to look for:

Signs and symptoms of addiction: 

    ●  Changes in mood, attitude and motivation
    ●  New friends 
    ●  Sudden weight loss
    ●  Poor performance/or absence  at school or work
    ●  Secretive or sneaky behavior
    ●  Lying
    ●  An unexplained increase in spending money
    ●  Finding drug paraphernalia. Including; lighters, spoons, needles, shortened straws, squares of tin foil.
    ●  Bloodshot eyes or enlarged pupils
    ●  Trembling, sweating hands
    ●  Changes in sleeping habits 
    ●  Missing money and/or missing expensive items 
    ●  Withdrawing physically and emotionally from family
    ●  Finding drug paraphernalia. Including; lighters, spoons, needles,
    shortened straws, squares of tin foil.

If you or someone you know needs help, there is someone who will listen and help you.

  • Reach out to a family member, trusted teacher, coach, neighbor, someone at your church,a counselor, or reach out to one of the national helpline listed below.

  • The moment you reach out, share, and begin talking with someone --At that point you are that much closer to helping yourself find the solution to your problem, realizing you are not alone and finding the guidance and support that you need.

The Most Common Resources

In this section, we have provided some links to some of the most common places to get help.


Support for those facing alcohol or drug addiction/substance use disorder

●    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - Information and local meeting locator
●    Heroin Anonymous (HA) -
●    Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - 


Support for family members and friends of a loved one

●    Al-Anon – Relatives and friends who are concerns about the drinking problem of another. Learn more
●    Nar-Anon - Relatives and friends who are concerned about the addiction or drug problem of another. Learn more
●    PAL Group (Parents of Addicted Loved Ones). Learn more
●    Lifeline for Loss – For those who have lost a loved one to an overdose.


Learn more

If you need information on treatment and where you can find it:

●    National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - National Institute on Drug Abuse has developed step-by-step guides for people with loved ones who might have an addiction problem, or for people seeking to help themselves. They are in a simple, "Q and A" format, and include easy-to-understand videos.  These guides focus on the steps needed to determine if a person needs treatment; how to find it;  what happens in treatment, how to find help paying for it;  privacy issues, and more.  


The guides are customized into 4 categories:

1. For teens seeking help,  2. For adults seeking help,  3.  For parents or guardians seeking help and for their teen or young adult child, 4.For people trying to help an adult loved one.

●    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) - Treatment Facility Locator at 1-800-662-HELP,


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