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It amazes me when we sit still and let people help us.

"My name is Joey, I am 19 years old and I landed at Pathway from out of state on July 30th 2021. When I first got here there was only one thing on my mind and it was to leave. I stayed in my room; isolating, crying, and in and out of the office trying to convince my mom to let me come home. I did this for at least a month or two. Then something slowly switched; I stopped crying, I stopped calling my mom every single day, and I stopped begging her to come and get me. Thanks to the staff, peer support, and other residents, I was able to get my head on straight and re-focus on my goal, to live somewhat of a normal life. When I first came to Pathway, I didn’t think I would last a month, now 6 months later, I work full-time and I’m graduating from the entry-level program, moving across the street to semi-independent living at Pathway 3! It amazes me what happens when we sit still and let people help us. I am forever grateful for Pathway."

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