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My hope is restored for myself, and the people who care about me.

"I came to Pathway on April 27th, 2021. Thinking back on my life prior to walking through the doors, it seems surreal. I had been addicted to heroin for over a decade. I was underweight with numerous previously ignored medical issues. I was homeless and unemployable, with an active warrant for a drug-related crime. Pathway was the only program willing to accept me. Something inside me told me this was my last chance. I had tried and failed at so many other places over the years, I honestly can’t say that I had much hope. Reflecting on my experience at Pathway, I struggle to put into words how grateful I feel. The staff met me where I was at every step of the way. I built lifelong friendships with my peers - which for this introvert - was completely unexpected. The resources I received are unparalleled. In this short time, all my medical issues are under control; I have a job working in a treatment center helping fellow addicts; my warrant was recalled and; my probation was terminated. Most importantly, my hope is restored, not only for myself, but for the people who care about me. I am grateful for Pathway. "


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