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Inpatient rehab is a residential treatment center where patients reside for about 30 days. The facility provides a 24/7 medically-monitored environment, emotional support, one-on-one counseling, and group counseling, The support you need to overcome drug addiction. 


Because families can help support, encourage and give love, most inpatient centers offer family programs. The patient’s family participate in programs to help provide the tools to learn to trust again, and identify dysfunctional relationships or dynamics that could trigger a relapse. 


Each inpatient rehab facility provides its own unique accommodations. Some may have shared rooms, cafeteria-style meals and activities like pool and ping-pong. Others may offer private suites, a chef and amenities, like a pool, spa and gym. Because individuals who need treatment for addiction have different needs it is important to ask a lot of questions in order to find the treatment program that is best for you.

What is an Inpatient Rehab Program?
What types of addiction does the program treat?
does the facility offer evidence based treatment?

It’s important to find a facility that has experience treating your specific addiction.  Every substance has different physical and psychological effects, so make sure to ask about the treatment center’s history with treating your specific substance.

What types of therapy is offered?
  • Group counseling

  • Individual counseling 

  • Family therapy

  • Yoga

  • Holistic therapy

  • Art

  • Music

  • Equine therapy 


Do they have options to recommend that you can move directly into after Rehab?

Many treatment centers provide guidance and planning for after you leave the inpatient stay. A guided aftercare program is imperative to maintaining sobriety.    

Ask if they have a facility for the next step, like a sober living house.  If not, can help you find one. You must then do your follow up on the recommended facility to make sure that the facility and its staff have the proper accreditation.

What credentials and licensing does the facility have?

It is a MUST to find out the accreditation of the clinical staff and the facility itself to be sure they have skilled professionals.

This is important!!! Facilities can make claims of their expertise, but you have to confirm what they are claiming is true. This is imperative to the well being, safety, treatment, and success of the program for the addicted individual. 

Ask who handles distribution of medicines? How are the days structured?  
What are my payment options?

If you are insured, ask your employer for help. Find out in advance which accredited facilities accept your insurance. Make sure facility uses evidence based treatment.  If uninsured, ask if the treatment center offers scholarships or in-house financing. 

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