Our family started the Zac43Foundation to honor and commemorate the life of our son, Zac, and to use his story to help others. We know how devastating it is to watch a loved one suffer from opioid use disorder, and wanted to create a safe space for addicted individuals and their caregivers to get their questions answered without fear of ridicule or judgement. Specifically, it is our hope that this organization will serve as a resource to help reduce the stigma that surrounds addiction through education and help navigate the challenges that come along with finding quality addiction treatment facilities and maintaining sobriety. 

As the Zac43Foundation continues to grow, we aspire to empower families and assist in the recovery of as many people as possible by providing education, encouragement, and financial support for treatment. At Zac43, we firmly believe that overdose deaths are preventable and that recovery is possible. Together, we can restore hope and save lives. Please join us in the fight.



To bring  optimism and hope to individuals, families, and communities affected by the

disease of addiction.



To end the stigma associated with drug addiction through 


Zac43Foundation is a foundation within Central Indiana Community Foundation(CICF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. ​Donations are tax deductible -and can be made through Central Indiana Community Foundations (CICF). Make sure to put Zac43Foundation in the donation box.


Contributions via check (please write Zac43Foundation on the memo line) may be sent to : CICF 615 N. Alabama St.#119, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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