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How Your Donations Help


Your donations help those suffering with Substance Use Disorder (SUD).
You are a valuable part of
helping save lives.

How your donations are used:

Listed below are some examples of how your donations to Zac43Foundation have helped men, women and children in our community effected by addiction. 


  • Provided Pathway To Recovery funding to purchase a new 15 passenger van, enabling residents access to resources vital to their recovery.

  • Provided mattresses, furniture, clothing, coats, gloves, and every day essentials, to men and women in recovery.

  • Provided 100’s of journals to rehab facilities.

  • Provided backpacks filled with clothing and essentials for 30 campers attending  Camp Maraposa, Aaron’s Place, of Overdose Lifeline INC. This is a wonderful weekend camp, hosted 6 times a year, for children ages 9-12, free of charge, for children affected by the substance use disorder of a family member.

  • Provided financial support for 24 men and women living in  rehab and recovery facilities.

  • Participated in educational engagements in our community regarding stigma, how opioids rewire the brain and how to help those struggling.

Let's bury the stigma, not our loved ones.

Zac43Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to help end the stigma that comes with addiction. Families are experiencing heartbreak and devastation from the chronic disease of addiction.  Resources, education, and support can help individuals, families and communities struggling with this epidemic.


99% of every dollar you donate is used to help save lives.  We appreciate your financial contributions and your support! 

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Zac43Foundation is a foundation within Central Indiana Community Foundation(CICF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. ​Donations are tax deductible and can be made through Central Indiana Community Foundations (CICF).


Please enter Zac43Foundation in the donation box.


Contributions via check (please write Zac43Foundation on the memo line) may be sent to:


615 N. Alabama St.#119,

Indianapolis, IN 46204

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