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  • Richard


"An injury forced me, a committed high school athlete, to find something to fill the void created in my heart and with my time. Quickly, partying became my new sport; it gave me a feeling only parallel to cheering fans at a packed home game. The euphoria of drugs and alcohol matched the adrenaline of scoring touchdowns and home runs. The only difference was, when it came to using drugs and alcohol, the game never ended. I was always trying to score. Nothing took priority over my addiction; not fatherhood, not marriage, not jail, even the idea of death wasn't enough motivation for me to stop playing the foolish game. One day my higher power gave me some gifts, which at the time, I feared, but eventually became grateful for. These gifts were the gift of desperation, homelessness, hunger, and a deep sense of loneliness. These "gifts" kickstarted my journey of recovery. They also led me to my new home and my new family, within the Pathway Community. This is where my young daughter and I relish in the normality of everyday life. Today, this is the only game and score that matters. Recovery=1 and Addiction=0. Some days are tougher than others, but today, I don't play alone. Today, I rely on my team.

One day at a time, we win together.

My name is Richard and I am an Addict."

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