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A trash can, a skateboard, and endless laughs with Zac

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Back row: Christopher Burton, Toni Frustaglio, Front row: Zac Burton, Nic Burton, Vinnie Frustaglio. photo taken 1998

Some of my favorite memories of Zac come from when we were kids. This one in particular is from the year 2000 when the movie “Jackass” was released. We thought the movie was so funny that we performed our own less dangerous stunts. Everyone ended up taking turns getting into a trash can that was placed on top of a skateboard and then consequently pushed down a hill. Endless laughs ensued that day. Zac’s light hearted personality was infectious, and his ability to make people laugh or smile was unmatched. And, it’s for those qualities and many more that Zac will always be missed. Vinnie Frustaglio

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