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Special signs and God’s promise - Zac's Dad

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Zac it’s difficult to put in words how very much I miss you, but knowing you are with me everyday helps tremendously. I want to thank you for all of the special signs you give me each day. Your signs help me make it through my days. My love for you and the special relationship we've always had will continue to grow each and every day until I see you again.  My Faith assures me that this is God’s promise and I hold this promise close to my heart.  I am trying my best to honor you Zac in all I do in my life.  It is extremely difficult for all of us without you. I'm trying to be better every day and doing what I can to be here for mom, Nic, and Christopher.  I know this is what you want and for me to do any different is not fair to you- this is how I feel. Our special family memories are so many. We always did so much together and I cherish every moment that we shared.  The moments when the 5 of us were together- on vacations, at all of the sporting events, fishing trips to Scholle’s, trips that included our family and friends and places we went together. Being together is what always made mom and I the happiest. I love you with all of my heart Zac and feeling you in my heart and soul  each day knowing you are with me in all I do in life means everything to me. I truly  thank you and God for this. All my love forever Zac- Dad

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