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Zach Burton
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 Bringing hope to individuals, families, and communities affected by the disease of addiction.


Eliminating the stigma of addiction...


About Us

Our family started the Zac43Foundation to honor and commemorate our son Zac’s life and to use his story to help others. Unfortunately, we know how heartbreaking  it is to watch a loved one suffer from addiction. Even worse, how devastating it is to lose that person. 


We understand how overwhelming, heartbreaking and scary, it is to learn your child (or loved one) is suffering from addiction.  When Zac told us that he had "a problem," we had absolutely no idea where to turn for help. It was literally a "learn as you go" journey for our family. Unfortunately, over time, we learned that many places who offer help for addicted individuals, are only interested in your money. Sad, but true. Searching for help can be a lonely, exhausting, confusing, heartbreaking, and scary place. Our family quickly realized we were fighting for Zac's life. A hard fought fight we lost. The fact that we lost a battle that took our child's life is extremely difficult to deal with. The endless thoughts of, "Would've, should've, could've's," never stop. 

Our goal is to create a safe space for addicted individuals and their loved ones to get questions answered without fear of ridicule or judgment. We provide important information regarding what to expect from a  rehab facility, details about interventions, addiction, drugs resources, support and sober living.  Learn about what causes addiction, how to help someone with addiction and how educate yourself and others to help eliminate the stigma related to addiction. 

We know some or all of the information provided by Zac43Foundation would've helped our family. Our hope is to help other families struggling down a path that nobody wants to be on. 

                                                                                Jennifer Burton, Zac's mom

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OVER 93,000 People in the U.S.
Died from Overdoses in 2020

Zac43 Clinical Corner

Christopher Burton running marathon

Zac43 Foundation Events

Another "43" sign from Zac:

On 11/14/21, in honor of his brother Zac, Christopher Burton ran in the Horsetooth Half Marathon in Fort Collins, Colorado. Having never run more than 2 miles at one time, he said he felt Zac with him the entire 13.2 miles. He never stopped running. With his back to the time clock as he crossed the finish line, Christopher had no idea his finishing time was exactly, 2:43.00.

Zac Burton football game

The devil whispers,

"You can't withstand the storm."

The Warrior replies,

"I am the storm."

- Anonymous 

Become a Zac43 Warrior.

Let's bury the stigma,

Not our loved ones.

Join us in the fight against opioid addiction and the stigma associated with it.


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Join Us In The Fight.

Let's bury the stigma, not our loved ones.

 We are in a fight to save our mothers, fathers, our precious children, friends, neighbors, our community and our country as a whole. The way society deals with addiction needs to change. We need your support to make these changes possible. Lets battle together to help END this epidemic.

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